I have always loved, and always been identified with, airplanes. Since early childhood, I knew that I would someday fly. I realized that ambition on my 16th birthday, March 11, 1967 when I flew solo in a small 2 seat Cessna 150 for the first time.  Since then I have flown over 22,350 hours in everything from Piper Cubs to Boeing B-777s.  My current assignment as a captain for United Airlines takes me to London, Tokyo, and Shanghai.

Below are pictures of my Cessna 185 and my Beech/Colemill B-55 Baron.  I love the 185. It has taken me to Alaska and back and we have had many wonderful trips to the Idaho back country in it.  The Baron has been a great traveling plane and is my wife Peggy's favorite.












Those who know me well know I love to write.  Most recently my writing has taken a stab at fiction with my first novel - OCULUS: The Zebulon Initiative.  It is a fun and intriguing mix of science fiction and historical fiction with enough fact thrown in to cause the reader to wonder if it just might be more fact than fiction.
As my youngest son Daniel was preparing for his LDS mission to Peru, I promised to write a book for him.  That book - COMPARE ISAIAH: Understanding Bibilcal Scriptures In The Book Of Mormon - was my attempt to show him that every single word in the Book of Mormon was valuable.  To that end I picked what for most is the least interesting part in the book. I chose to write a book about the Isaiah scriptures in the Book of Mormon and also the other biblical passages - Malachi and Matthew.  What resulted was a fascinating book about not only what the biblical scriptures say but perhaps more interestingly, why the Book of Mormon writers felt the need to include, in their sacred records, words that were readily available in the Bible.  



My Life

Beechcraft B-55 Baron

Cessna 185 Skywagon