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Special Agent Jordan Ballard's life changes forever when a simple assignment to investigate a mysterious murder on a fabulous yacht found adrift off the island of Tortola turns into something much larger and more perilous than he could have ever supposed. An encounter with a beautiful and mysterious young woman leads to adventure and intrigue far beyond anything he has ever experienced before.

Tally Reynolds is much more than just another pretty face. She is a formidable power with resources, knowledge and insight that keep Jordan constantly wondering "Who is this woman?"
Three cleverly interwoven stories span six centuries and come together in a fulfilling and intriguing way to introduce Jordan and the reader into a world that neither has ever imagined existed. It is a civilization unknown to our world but one with the ability to influence and control the course of human events. 
Zebulon is land and a civilization far advanced over our own. Their activities and influence in our world will force the reader to ask, "Who are these people? What are they doing here And most importantly, What is their end game?"
This fascinating mix of historical and scientific fact and fiction will ultimate force the reader to ask "Is this tale fiction or fact?" The reader's view of the world, like the view of Jordan Ballard, might never be the same again.


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Isaiah lived about 100 years before Nephi. So why does Nephi quote Isaiah so much in the Book of Mormon? In Compare Isaiah Understanding Biblical Scriptures in the Book of Mormon, discover how the words of Isaiah influenced Nephi, Abinadi, Mormon, and others. Examine why they were included in the Book of Mormon. Learn why the Savior quotes Malachi and teaches the Sermon on the Mount to the Nephites. This book is a valuable resource in understanding Isaiah for both the average student and the serious scholar.


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