I am intrigued by the element of human nature that makes us prone to the idea that most issues are ” either – or” propositions. We seem all too willing to accept the notion that there are only two sides to everything. Often, two sides are just the extremes of any position and a third “middle ground” may exist. I guess you could say there could be three (or more) sides to everything.


This blog is dedicated to exploring the issues and areas of conflict between Science and Religion. It is not a proselyting tool and it preaches no particular creed or denomination. It is written by a man of scientific training and education who also happens to hold a very strong faith in God, Godliness and things of a spiritual nature. I do not pretend to have all the answers but I do endeavor to show that there is not nearly so wide a chasm between good science and reasonable religion as is commonly thought. I want to bring Science and Religion back into the partnership that I think was originally established, that is that good religion can tell us what things are like and science can tell us how and why those things are so. Religion gives us the exoteric knowledge and Science gives us the esoteric knowledge.


Religion Is Science

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